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E-SIMMS LLC will display and manage your company’s product(s) beautifully on for a commission after the product is sold and delivered. This service can be provided for other selling sites.


What you will receive:

  • Primary product display photograph (white background).

  • Up to 6 additional photos displaying product angles.

  • A lifestyle photograph and video showing product benefits.

  • A detailed product description.

  • Product attributes, such as sizes, colors, and styles.



  • Update inventory.

  • Provide information on advertising opportunities.

  • Provide information on promotional opportunities.

  • Provide photographs for advertising and promotional opportunities.

  • The addition and removal of displayed products.

  • Supply the number of days to delivery after purchase.



  • Your company will receive all sales.

  • Your company will provide all post-sales communication with the client.

  • Your company will provide packaging and shipping of the products to the client.

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